A Bed With An Out

All Asher wanted for Christmas, beside the racetrack with a "red button making cars go,” was "a bed with an out." And that’s exactly what he told Santa when sitting atop his red velvet lap.

Asher is three years old and he’d been in the crib for all three of those years. He liked his crib. He was always a good sleeper, liked to load up his crib with lots of Hot Wheel cars, books and stuffed animals, and he never attempted to climb out. That’s what surprised our friends and family the most. “He’s three years old and he’s never hoisted his legs up and over the railing?” they’d ask quizzically. He never did.

But then something changed. In October he started waking up and yelling out, “Can somebody come get me? I’m awake. Can someone get me out of here?” All the sudden, his comfy, cozy crib that he’d never taken issue with in the past was now a problem. Every morning we’d hear his plea and it truly began to feel like he was in his only little crib-prison cell. The boy needed to be free!

Repeatedly, we began to hear his burning desire to have a big boy bed. One like Atia’s. One that had “an out.” And that’s when Asher officially became a broken record: “I want a bed with an out.” “Can I have a bed with an out?” “Mommy, when do I get to have a bed with an out?”

Since it was so close to Christmas, and we felt we could kill two birds with one stone – him getting a bed with an out and it being a great gift, instead of just giving it to him on a Tuesday – we urged him to ask Santa.

On Christmas morning as Asher eagerly opened his presents, he kept eyeballing the big one leaned up against the wall. I don’t think he knew it was his bed; he just knew it was the biggest one, and to a three year old, bigger is always better.

Finally, the last present to be opened… and Santa didn’t disappoint.

Asher got his “bed with an out.” A bright, colorful racecar toddler bed. He was ecstatic.

When it came time to put it together, he pulled up a front row seat watching Steve closely. We were all impressed with the vivid colors and solid material. This bed, made by KidKraft, is really, truly cool and we highly recommend it, if your child is into cars.

The boy couldn’t contain his excitement and took every chance he could get to sit inside the frame, even though it was nowhere near completion.

Although putting the bed together took some time, Steve praised KidKraft for how well the instructions were written and how well organized and the tools and hardware were. Holding an engineering degree himself, that's a high compliment and one very hard to come by. Believe me, we've seen many times when he's turned into a ranting, raving lunatic while completing projects like this, complaining about how poorly engineered and design everything was. But not this time!

Once it was all put together and his bed was made, Asher jumped right in. The truth is, it was late and time to go to sleep, and he didn't hesitate.

Within minutes, Asher drifted off, surely dreaming about race cars and race tracks. He's done well in his new big boy bed. He hasn't wandered out of it in the middle of the night once, and he sleeps with fewer accouterments these days. He's happily embraced his bed with an out.

And these days, instead of hearing his pained pleas to help get him out, we hear the pitter-patter of his little feet shuffling down the hall!

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