To List or Not To List

Every year, it's the same thing for my family…do we create a wish-list for everyone to make shopping easier?  It’s divided among the group…some want a list to aid in their shopping efforts; and others do not as we should know each other well enough to just buy something.

Every year, we wind up doing lists and yes, shopping is much easier, but should we try it one year without lists?  How about those people who start their Christmas shopping in July, finish in August and have everything wrapped by September?  They probably do not receive shopping lists from their families.  I wish I was one of those people.

Then I could avoid all of the present buying stress and truly enjoy the Holidays.  Right now, every spare moment I have is wrapped up in shopping or thinking about shopping. 

Going to see the windows and lights in Chicago…who has the time? Playing at Winter Wonderfest…no time for that yet.

Maybe if we did not do lists for the Holidays, I could be one of those people who is done with the shopping by August as well. 

Yeah right!  Who am I kidding.  In July and August, every spare moment I have is spent outside enjoying the beautiful Chicago Summer weather.  I don’t want to be stuck in a store.

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