The Honeymoon is Over

Remember back in July when Dylan got diagnosed with a vision problem and we found out he had to wear glasses? In my post, I raved about how well Dylan was doing with his glasses and how easily he had adjusted.

Well, the honeymoon appears to be over.

Dylan’s first pair of glasses lasted exactly two weeks. One day, he went to play in the backyard and when he came back in he wasn’t wearing them. It took us a while to realize that they were missing from his face and by the time we did, he had forgotten what he did with them. The only thing he remembered is that he threw them in the general direction of some bushes and thick groundcover. We looked and looked and looked, even brought flashlights outside and crawled along the ground, all to no avail. The glasses had disappeared. To this day, they have never been found.

I then took Dylan to Four Eyes where they had a deal of two pairs of glasses for $49. We picked out two cute pairs and they lasted a month or two in pristine condition. Then I noticed Dylan was chewing on the ends and twisting them around as he did so. We’ve told him repeatedly not to do it, but he must still do so because we’ve have to go back to the store countless times for adjustments. I swear they probably know us by name right now. Thank goodness the adjustments and repairs are free, although they might change their policy now that we have become their costumers!

In a fit of rage, Liam tore one pair of glasses out of Dylan’s face and broke one of the legs in half before we could get to them. I considered buying a new pair, but since my parents had told me they were sending Dylan a pair from their store inPuerto Rico, I decided not to. The new glasses arrived and they are adorable, but Dylan complains that they bother his nose. They don’t have any nose pads so I think it’s just a matter of the shape of the glasses themselves vs. the bridge of his nose, but we kept them as a pair of “backup” glasses in case the remaining ones broke.

Which they did, about two weeks ago. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly I noticed that Dylan was missing a lens and that one side was broken. I thought at first the screw had fallen off but we realized it was the actual glasses. When I brought them in to see if anything could be done, I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new pair than to order a new lens.

So here we are. In less than six months, Dylan’s had four pair of glasses and only one survives at the moment. Of course, since he doesn’t like the fit, he keeps taking them off, and he has left them at school twice now. Every day for the past week, I’ve put him on the bus with the threat that if he doesn’t come home with his glasses he gets no dessert.

I am just hoping against hope that this pair makes it to the end of the semester and toPuerto Rico, where my parents own an eyeglass store. I’m planning on buying Dylan about six pairs while we are there. That should last us until our next trip to the island next summer!

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