That boy is not going to like me

She clearly stated she wanted a boy because she liked to tickle boys, (I know, that statement alone should worry me), yet when we told our five year old daughter she was having a brother, she literally colapsed in tears.

"Why? Why do you have a boy in there? I wanted a sister. Why can't you have one of each in there? That boy is not going to like me. He is going to chase me and bring bad boy toys into our house. He is not going to want to play with me!"

I felt awful for her. She was inconsolable but nothing I said helped.

"You are going to be a big sister. He will look up to you. He will love to play with you."

At one point, I even threw God under the bus.

"God wanted you to have a brother."

"Why did God want me to have a brother? Because you already have a little girl and that's me?"

"Yes, yes! Now, you will always be the princess." I had to play the princess card, this girl loves princesses.

That and a trip down the baby toy aisle showing her everything she could share with him seemed to calm her down.

She is still not completely thrilled with the fact that she's going to be a big sister to a brother. Especially when she's in trouble, she likes to go back to: "my brother is not going to like me", hoping she can change the subject and get out of time out.

Based on her concern about this boy liking her, wanting to play with her, I've concluded that our daughter is convinced that we are coming home from the hospital with a 5 year old boy like the ones who chase after her at pre school. Frankly, that would freak me out too. Meanwhile, we do our best to calm her fears and ours about this boy not liking any of us. Ay Mama!

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