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I've been struggling to find my writing voice... I had it - for years but it has since changed. Or at least I feel it has changed enough for me to second guess what I want to say and how I want to write it. I can pinpoint one reason for this: SCHOOL. I'm in my first year of studies for my Ph.D. of Mass Communication and dammit if it hasn't retarded my ability to mass communicate. Sure, I'm still a parent (which makes this latest endeavor THAT much harder) but when I sit down to write for this blog I start thinking about Marxism and Neoliberalism and quantitative research and beer (I AM in college) and...  it doesn't get done or what does get done sounds like a rant.

WHEW! That was a loooong way to say this: There is another writer's voice emerging in our home. He is my first born:

"Ok it's really annoying how I see people complaining on how things are in their life. Or how they say it's gonna be a bad day. Personally, I don't know what's going on in your life but I can say, just be grateful about the stuff you do have. Or you can be grateful that you have a family or that you even have something like a Facebook account, or maybe the fact that you are alive and that you have the freedom to complain about your life.

Just be grateful for once..."


"It kinda scares me how kids treat their parents because their Parents provide the basic necessities to life: 
Love and affection
Now sometimes that's not the case because they don't provide that or they are just not fit to be a parent. But anyway
I see kids saying just saying bad stuff about their parent(s) and in my opinion 
That's just horrible."

Genesis is in 8th grade, 6'2", smart, annoying, beautiful, funny, and confident that "Easy" by The Commodores would be a hit at the next middle school dance. 


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