A New Tradition

A New Tradition

I have been a big fan of the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend. I even won last year for my 25 year old sweatshirt that has Tweety Bird on it and says "Fa Wa Wa Wa Waaa." Good stuff.

Christmas sweaters were always bordering on ugly anyway, even when tastefully done, but now that we are fully embracing the motto: 'The Uglier, the Better', I am in hog heaven. There was even an Ugly Christmas Sweater bar crawl last weekend in town here. The photos were hilarious.

This summer, I found myself at a garage sale.

(I know, what? Weren't we just talking about Christmas sweaters? Bear with me.)

I found this huge bag of Christmas colored yarns for $3. Skeins of greens, reds and whites, and even some with shiny 'tinsel' threads throughout it.

My mind started scheming right then and there. What can I make with this mother lode?

I tried to knit a U of I sweater once upon a time. The results were slightly embarrassing and I unraveled it and made a scarf instead. Besides, it took forever.

No hand made ugly sweaters for me in the near future. Boo.

Hats! I can make hats! Maybe I could make ugly Christmas hats- perfect.

This fall saw me knitting and knitting. I had the family design their own color scheme and pattern for their individual hat and off I went.

By the time we decorated our tree lat week, we each wore our own, special, ugly holiday hat to do so.

And thus begins a new tradition for The McCarron Clan: Ugly Christmas Hats!

Ay, Mama!

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