Throwing in the blanket

"You know why you are sick, and I am sick and Daddy keep drinking soda and iced tea? Because you are not sleeping through the night. You are a very smart girl but if you don't get your rest, your brain will shrink and you won't be that smart anymore."

Yep, that was me sounding exactly like my  mother, giving a speech to my 5 year old as I sat on the toilet at 6AM this morning. (I needed to paint the picture of desperation) For the last three weeks, hell, for the last 5 years, there hasn't been a week where my husband and I don't wake up to the sounds of a child screaming our names at 3AM:

"When is the sun coming out?!"

We've tried it all! ALL! So forgive me when I pray for a healthy  baby that sleeps through the night.  At this point, I'll take that over a great eater.  Now tell me, what have you told your kids that makes you sound just like your parents? Ay Mama!

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