The Cute Is Gone

I tried to ‘hold on’ to the cute Halloween costumes for the boys as long as I could.  But this year, I lost the battle and probably the war. For years with Cooper, I had adorable little costumes, but slowly I started to lose control.  Here were Cooper’s costumes over the years:

Baby Cooper – Pumpkin

Cooper at 1 – Tigger

Cooper at 2 – Mickey Mouse

Cooper at 3 – Thomas the Train

Cooper at 4 - Hot Wheels Race Car Driver

Cooper at 5 – Captain Rex

Cooper at 6 – Ninja

So with Cooper, I had four years of cute, but with Cole the cute timeline was shortened.  Here were Cole’s costumes over the years:

Cole at 1 – Tigger

Cole at 2 – Monkey

Cole at 3 - Thomas the Train

Cole at 4 – Ninja

Yes, Cole had to be a Ninja like Cooper this year.  I pushed hard for a ‘cute’ costume, but lost.  I had no chance to get a cute costume on Cooper, but I thought I might have one more year with Cole.  No way.  He had to be just like his brother.  And it did not help that Cooper convinced him to be a Ninja so they could be “Ninja Bro’s”.


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