The Beauty of Gray-or-Surviving the Post-Election World

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.- Voltaire (who I should probably read someday)

Isn't that what is so amazing about America? You are allowed to feel one way and I am free to feel another. We can, in no way, see eye to eye, and that's ok. This difference of opinion, and hopefully, acceptance of that dissent, is one of the tenents America was built upon.

Freedom of speech.


As a nation right now, we had yet another demonstration that we are painfully divided, and have been for quite some time. This schism is clear when you look at the election results over the last three elections (back to G.W. Bush 12 years ago) with essentially half of the country voting Democratic, and the other half Replublican (plus Green, Reform and Libertarian parties sprinkled in for good measure, I'm looking at you, Perot).

Our country has been put through hell over the last several months of this recent election. Negativity abounds. Your guy sucks, how could you ever vote for him? No, your guy is awful, how could you possibly cast a vote for him? Both sides are standing firm in their beliefs, and not budging.

How did this happen? Is it FOX and Limbaugh with their constant attacks on Dems? Is it MSNBC and the Daily Show with their snarky ridicule of the GOP?

Social media has been littered with negative postings, as if anyone would change their political stance simply by seeing a quote, graph, or headline on Twitter. People are also being unfriended left and right (pun intended) based on these posts.

It's embarrassing to share my love of politics with my kids. It's so divisive, and hate-fueled that I don't want them seeing the worst in humanity when we should be at our best. Americans have the right to vote. Everyone. Women. Blacks. Old. Young. People are still dying for these rights in their countries.

Both candidates' speeches on Tuesday night included the hope that there will finally be an honest, bipartisan effort from here on out. I hope this will actually come to pass, as I believe this to be at the root of many of our economic and social problems. Politicians need to work together for the betterment of our country, and not stand firmly on either black or white based on how their vote will play for their base.

It's time politicians learn the beauty of gray, and I shall leave that definition in the capable hands of the band 'Live':

"This is not a black and white world. To be alive, I say the colors must swirl. And I believe that maybe today, we will all get to appreciate the beauty of gray."

(BTW, when writing this, I kept waffling if it was spelled grey or gray? It's both apparently, with either acceptable, but gray is more commonly used.)

So, here's to a more United group of States. We shall see if it actually happens.

Ay, Mama!

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