Just Another Manic Cleaning Day

Oh, Holy Crap...

How is Thursday Thanksgiving already? Weren't we just Trick-or-Treating and running around outside in shorts last weekend?

I realize Thanksgiving comes early this year, and, having seen Christmas toys and decorations in stores for two months now, you'd think it wouldn't come as such a surprise.

It has.

I am hosting again this year, and we will have a smallish crowd because my sister and her family are not joining us (sniff). It will only be the four of us, my Mom and her husband Ed, and Scott's parents who are flying in from North Carolina.

Then there is the matter of an annual Anti-Black  Friday gathering we host every year, made even more fun by having the elder McCarrons in town.

Totally manageable, right? Until...

I took a good look at our house.

It's a pig sty. Well, the usual level of messiness I have been inured to just will not due when there will be people milling in my house.

Paperwork in piles. That smear on the wall I got used to walking past and ignoring. The filthy oven and fridge (black beans spilled on a shelf, and I hate beans, so put a paper towel over it, and then conveniently forgot about it back behind the pickles.

Our living room is dominated by the best toy ever: a giant washing machine box. Piles of siding that Scott & I are busy staining are  mounded up in our basement. The stupid tile floor down there is somewhat torn up (Who knew it would be impossible to remove vinyl tile that must have been super glued to a cement floor? We are still stuck on how to remove it, even trying dry ice, which was reported to work. Nope. It did make our floor really cold then was a fun 5 minute diversion in our sink watching it 'smoke'.)

I found myself entering Wonder Woman mode (without even seeing an episode of 'Hoarders' to inspire me!), and spent about 10 hours scrubbing, wiping, sorting, de-cobwebbing ceilings, scrubbing, oven cleaning, sweeping, tidying, closet and cubby organizing, dusting, tending to the aquarium, scrubbing, and de-cluttering.

My hands are raw, I am wiped out, and I gave myself the sniffles from all the dust.

The house looks better than it has in some time, but I still need to take down the curtains and shake any dust off of 'em, but then, I am ready for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and maybe all the way through to Christmas.

Bring it on, Santa!

Oh, who am I kidding? The house will be destroyed in 3 days...

Ay, Mama!


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