Happy Birthday Cole!

On Saturday, Cole turns four.  He really is becoming a big guy in some situations and other times, he is still the baby.  Cole thinks he can do everything himself and does not need help, EXCEPT with the things he does not want to do.

Things like getting himself dressed, putting on his shoes, feeding himself, etc.  Those things he tells me he cannot do by himself until he turns four.

Other things like putting together a Lego set, setting up race tracks and playing battle wars with his brother, he is fine to do.

I keep telling him that four is just around the corner and then he will be able to do all of these things he said he could not do.  When I say that, Cole just looks at me with a big smirk and says, “No problem Mom.  I will.” 

I know he can do these things…I have seen him do these things.  Cole is just milking it and I wind up doing things for him.  After all, I am having a hard time with my baby growing up.  I know someday, he will truly NOT need my help for anything. 

We will see what Saturday brings.  If Cole lives into his promise and turning four makes him able to ‘do everything’.  If not, I will still be there. 

Happy Birthday Cole!  I love everything about you.  The way you can drive me crazy and belly laugh all at the same time.

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