Get Moving!

When the weather gets colder, I become a big wimp and stay inside.  Anything under 60 degrees for me is cold.  However I have two crazy and energetic boys that I need to keep moving and entertained.

So we try to visit Pump It Up or any of the other indoor playhouses, but that can get expensive.  I also try to ‘walk’ the mall with them, but that can get expensive and be unpleasant with them constantly asking for stuff.  It would be great to get downtown to the FREE days at the museums, but that does not always work with school, homework and after school activities.

So here are some FREE children’s exercise/game ideas I have tried to keep my boys moving during the colder months. 

Do you have any suggestions for me?  Please let me know.

1. Host a basketball shootout using foam balls. If you don't have a hoop, use a trashcan or laundry basket. Keep things interesting by moving the basket around or rotating where the shooter starts.

2. Blow up balloons and play "Keep Off the Floor." The more balloons you add to the mix, the crazier it gets!

3. Lead a yoga session or pop in a video. To keep the kids engaged, focus on poses with kid- friendly names such as Warrior, Downward Dog or Cat.

4. Hit the game closet and bring out your classic Twister game or newer activities such as Cranium Hullabaloo or Nintendo Wii.

5. If you have a treadmill or elliptical trainer, set up a contest to see how fast or far they can move in 3- to 5-minute spurts. If you take some breaks (or take turns between kids) you could get 30 minutes of exercise out of them.

6. Set up a bowling alley using empty water bottles (or cups or bicycle squirt bottles) and foam balls.

7. Have a sock war. Ball up all the socks you can find and you're ready for an indoor snowball fight. Just remember to remove breakables beforehand!

8. Organize a dance contest, or for younger kids, a game of Dance Freeze. Everyone dances until the music suddenly stops. Applaud the funniest frozen pose and then start the music back again.

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