A Halloween Party (for Grown-Ups)

I know, Halloween is so 2 days ago, but I must share photos from the annual Scarrapalooza. Marianis, you have out done yourselves.

You may remember photos of this party with the Saturday Night Live theme a few years ago. This time around, the theme was 70's and 80's sitcoms.

I am eternally impressed at the dedication the hosts have to Halloween, and also the guests who go to great pains each year. We even found ourselves plotting costumes for this thing back in July. Crazy. Two couples actually donned their best Dukes of Hazzard outfits and constructed the General Lee out of wood and cardboard, but the grand prize trophy was won by George & Weezie Jefferson (which I didn't get a photo of, sorry!). Enjoy your flashback to TV from long ago. (So long ago, several babysitters had no freaking idea who any of us were!)

Ay, Mama!


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