That face!

Our daughter turns 5 years old on Wednesday. I know, I can't believe it either. We threw her a "A Honey Boo Boo" party. Not really, it was an Enchanted Princess Party at Sweet and Sassy, but that's what I call it since all the girls look like little pageant contestants once those very talented stylists are done with them. It was a blast! I mean, our girl had a blast. But I admit that I'm thinking about having my 40th birthday (in 2 years, mind you) there if they allow alcohol.  Yes, I did pay for the party so this is from a truly satisfied customer.

Besides the great time had by all, the best part of the entire party was when Amelia saw herself made up.  Her entire face lit up and the ecstatic sound that came out of her  was something my husband and I will never forget. Later on she told us: "I had the best time ever!" but we knew already. That face said it all.

That night I asked God to allow us to see that joyful face many, many times for many, many years to come. Ay Mama!

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