Suck it up Buttercup

A woman's work is never done so there's no sense complaining about it, right? We're all going through our own version of something. And by now, it's probably pretty clear that no one is coming to our rescue - we have have to handle our own shhtuff.


I've been feeling overwhelmed. Things are coming at me non-stop. I'm hitting homeruns. I'm dropping the ball. I'm walking off the field... whatever.  It has been quite enough. And I've whined, prayed, talked, listened, sagged, and dragged *as I always do* until I remember that I actually have power and dominion over what affects me and my life. Sometimes, it takes a while for that to sink into my SELF. But when it does I get a very clear picture of what I need to do next. It's not the easiest process and it is rarely graceful, but it is effective:

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