Stupid things I never thought I'd do as a mom

As much as I dislike Facebook postings from parents to children who: a) don't have a page and b) can't read, one of my biggest motherhood pet peeves is when parents write thank you notes in the voice of their child who can't write and, in many cases, can't speak yet.   Once I became a mom, I could never get into that, it felt stupid to pretend to be Amelia sharing her 2 year old thoughts.

Well, now she's 5 and with a very defined personality and for some reason I felt like writing her birthday thank you notes in her voice. I know, I was annoyed with myself as I wrote them but thankfully, most of my friends who will receive them have done the same thing.

So let's add this to the long list of stupid things I never thougt I'd do as a mom.  I'm sure I'll have more since I'm packing one of her Princess costumes so she can wear when we go to the Breakfast with the Princesses at  Disney World,  next week.  Plus, she already asked me what I'm going to dress up as for Halloween, and I, the Halloween Scrooge, is actually considering it. Ay Mama!


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