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A Magical Getaway

My husband Bill is not a fan of anything Disney. He doesn’t like Mickey Mouse, complains every time the kids watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (“The characters can’t figure out how to do anything for themselves and have to rely on technology to solve all their problems”), and definitely does not like the parks very much.... Read more »


This week, Scott & I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Yippee! I told him the same thing I have told him every year, “I’d marry you all over again.” Its true, I totally would. If you are married, or deeply in love, when was that moment when you knew that THIS was your person? Back... Read more »

Never Say Never

Cole and Coop made signs for Uncle Cibo to cheer him on.
If you would have asked me a week ago if I would ever run a marathon, I would have said no, or more like HELL NO.  But today, I am considering it.  And it’s all thanks to my younger brother Tim who ran his first marathon on Sunday. Last February, Tim told me he was... Read more »

Oh boy

11-YEAR-OLD: “Mom, I went to the library today with a girl, but don’t worry about it – it wasn’t a date.” ME: “OK. It wasn’t a date. And you weren’t supposed to be there. You don’t just get off of the bus and hang at the library. You have to ask me if you can... Read more »

Atia’s Port Removal: In Her Own Words

Atia’s Port Removal: In Her Own Words
My Previous Blog Atia was 20 months old when her port was placed into her chest. In the beginning, it was hard to get used to. She was afraid of it. I was afraid of it. She was resistant to it being accessed. She and I both cried the first time the needle went into... Read more »

Stupid things I never thought I'd do as a mom

As much as I dislike Facebook postings from parents to children who: a) don’t have a page and b) can’t read, one of my biggest motherhood pet peeves is when parents write thank you notes in the voice of their child who can’t write and, in many cases, can’t speak yet.   Once I became a mom,... Read more »


Does anyone remember the old Sesame Street song “The Backwards Alphabet”? I know my sister does, because we sang it in recent years with our own kids. Really, don’t you need to know how to say the alphabet backwards anyway? Z Y X W V U… My kids get a kick out of how one... Read more »

My Sit-Down with Mover Smitty

Since the Imagination Movers concert is coming up this month, I wanted to share my interview with Mover Smitty again. The Imagination Movers are coming back to Chicago (Waukegan to be exact) on Saturday, October 20th for their 2012 Rock-O-Matic Tour.  My family has experienced both of their Chicago shows (in 2009 and 2011) and they... Read more »


I still don’t know what to think about a quick exchange I overheard at the post office: Little Girl (5 or 6): “You’re holding that box – you’re strong.” Mom: “Yes, I’m strong.” Little Girl: “Well, not that strong – you’re a Mommy.” WOW. The girl had a soccer uniform. Her mom had on the... Read more »

A "How To" Hello Kitty Birthday Party

 My Previous Blog Atia’s latest obsession is Hello Kitty. She has loads of paraphernalia boasting the white cat’s expressionless face – shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters, socks, panties, purses, hair accessories, nail polish, lip glosses, jewelry, pillows, a comforter and a sleeping bag. I’m actually quite surprised her interest in this character hasn’t waned; it’s truly... Read more »