My Eating Hand

We all have our quirks.

If someone tells you they don't, they are either covering it up or in the throes of denial.

I always loved Robin Williams' line in 'Good WIll Hunting" where you look for someone 'you can let into your weird little world'.

Personally, I have OCD issues , but conversely, being a Type B personality, I usually don't care enough to obsess. I mean, I know things should be a certain way, I just decided that don't really care enough to have my life ruled by such orderliness. For the most part, some things still bleed through... That, and a tendency towards hyperactivity, which has thankfully slowed down as I get older (hey, there's one good thing about aging. It sure ain't my wrinkles or my grey-ahem, I mean red-hair!)

So, now that my dirty laundry is out there in the ether, I am going to share something about Sam that could piss him off because I talked about him, but I find it a funny little quirk, so I might as well provide him with a reason for therapy in the future.

Sam was still a really little kid, but he could talk, so maybe about 18 months old.

I noticed that he would do all these activities with only one hand. He would be playing with blocks, left handed one day, then right handed the next, and the hand he isn't using that day is balled up into a fist.

OK, look at him go, he's ambi-dexterous. Yay for him. Maybe he'll be a switch hitter one day.

It continued on for some time, him playing that way or even putting his shoes on with only one hand. It certainly made things more difficult for him using that fist.

One day, I finally just asked him, "Sam, why aren't you using your other hand to do these things? Is it hurt? Are you just being silly? What's going on?"

He looked right at me and said in the most matter of fact voice, "Mom, that's my eating hand."

Well, duh...

His what?

To this day, if he is munching on some cereal outta the box or cheesy popcorn, he will lick that hand clean then make a fist and not use it. Sometimes he will once he washes it, but it'll just start all over again.

See, little quirks...

What's yours?





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