Is It Too Much?

So it has been about two months since the boys started school and I am wiped out.  I always knew when the boys started school I wanted to be that mom.   The room mom, working with the PTA, attending field trips, etc. 

So when volunteer opportunities presented themselves, I went a little nuts.  I am now writing the weekly newsletter for the PTO, plus I am a room mom for both Cooper and Cole’s class and I am helping out in the classroom a few times a month.

So is it too much?  It probably is, but how can I get out of it now?  I don’t want to be labeled as a quitter, but I do not want to go insane either.

My girlfriends warned me to take it slow, but that was AFTER I already volunteered for everything.  So I am not sure how to get out of stuff.  Guess I will need to suffer through one year and learn from my experiences this year…good or bad.

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