"I'm Such a Bad Mom"

"I'm Such a Bad Mom"

It's time again for a Pet Peeve Rant, ladies and gentlemen.

Ever since I became a mom, I frequently hear other moms saying, "Oh, I'm such a bad mom for..." whatever. Usually it is the most minor of infractions, to which I always respond, "That doesn't make you a bad mom."

I usually get some odd looks for saying this back to them.

Why is it that perfectly wonderful moms say this? It drives me bananas.

Unless you leave your child in a hot car, shoot up, abuse or neglect them, or take them into a tanning room with you, you are not a bad mom.

Stop saying you are.

You am not a bad mom, you are doing the best that you can. (Right?)

I recently heard a PTA Chair and stay at home mom say this of herself, and I wanted to shake her. Of all the moms that are bad, she is no where even close.

I am not sure why people even feel the need to say something like this. It reminds me of when you compliment someone on a lovely piece of new furniture or even a sweater, and then they tell you about what a great deal they got on it, either to downplay the purchase or to brag on being a great deal-finder.

I'm all for a good deal, but just say thank you and move on. (Unless it was a huge steal and I can go get one too).

Take me, for instance. I bought a craft kit last weekend for Halloween. We painted and glued it, but now it sits...waiting. This doesn't make me a bad mom for not finishing it. It makes me a lazy mom, (or at least a mom hesitant to bring out the next step which is stupid sparkling glitter that will cover every surface it touches.)

It will be done for Halloween (next year for sure!).

Ay, Mama!

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