I still don't know what to think about a quick exchange I overheard at the post office:

Little Girl (5 or 6): "You're holding that box - you're strong."
Mom: "Yes, I'm strong."
Little Girl: "Well, not that strong - you're a Mommy."


The girl had a soccer uniform. Her mom had on the same except the word "COACH" was on the back of her jersey.  OK, I've never seen the two before, but going off of the "COACH" status, I'm going to say Mom is an active participant in her daughter's life. They were in the post office sending a care package of snacks and treats so I'm gonna say she sees her Mom handling business.  I mean the girl sees her Mom DOING. 

And I get it, DOING = BEING STRONG I don't really expect a kid to get the nuanced concepts. I'm sure this was just an "upper body strength" thing but - even then...Should that have been a teachable moment? Mom was busy and passed on the battle. I understand that. But...

I'm pretty sure I would've said something - I've done it before with my sons. *RIGHTLY or WRONGLY*   "Moms can't be that strong"-esque statements and other sweeping generalities about a group of people get challenged to explain the thought behind the thinking.

Because... yeah.... what if it was a boy making the comment to his Mother?

Of course the little one didn't mean anything by her final assessment. How could she? She's a girl (smirk).

Seriously though...

At some point those statements have to be checked, right?


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