This week, Scott & I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.


I told him the same thing I have told him every year, "I'd marry you all over again."

Its true, I totally would.

If you are married, or deeply in love, when was that moment when you knew that THIS was your person?

Back when my job was to schmooze people, that was always one of my Go-To questions if there were too many awkward pauses, or maybe the other person was having a rough day. It almost always worked, and then we would get into some really good conversations. If I have learned anything it's this: people love to talk about themselves and their families.

And really, who doesn't love hearing about a real life love story?

Besides, it's better that the one time when I nearly lost it after asking a client about his office. I actually said, "How big is your staff?" Bless his heart, he never batted an eye. I, however, was dying inside.

Me, you ask?

I knew Scott was THE ONE on the day we returned from a week long vacation in Colorado together. We had driven the Jeep Wrangler out west with our bikes chained to the roll bars. We camped in the woods, sat by the fire, got sunburned and rained on, biked, and visited my Dad where we all gambled together up on Cripple Creek.

When Scott dropped me off back home, we hugged bye, and I went into my apartment in the city to unpack. A half hour later, I called Scott to see what he was doing. I realized that, while I was physically home, I wasn't home. From that moment on, I realized that he was my home. And that was it.

I asked my FB and email family for their own stories, so, as U2 would say, in the name of love, I present their stories...

Briget J: Kevin and I had only been dating for a couple of months when we rented a movie called "My Dog Skip." When we turned on the lights at the end of the movie and I saw my big, strong police officer boyfriend wiping tears from his eyes, I knew he was the one...

Shellie Z: When I overheard him tell his brother that he (Steve) just met his (his brother's) future heart went pitter patter!

 My brother-in-law Roger C: Just seeing Wendy for the first time. I was hooked. On Gina C's couch. I left the meeting saying to Joe M. I'm gonna marry her someday. :)

From Joe M (above): Its a fact...he did. I thought he was crazy. And that's nothing against Wendy (I thought she was cute too) - but who says that in college? Only RUDE. Man of his word. (editor's note, RUDE is Roger's nickname)

Keri G: I knew as soon as I agreed to be James girlfriend. He had wanted us to be a couple for a few months, but after a couple bad relationships, I didn't want to jump in to anything or ruin a wonderful friendship. But one day I took the leap and knew he was the one as soon as I said yes and saw the look on his face.

Lisa H: We had been dating three months and we both knew we were falling in love with each other, but kind of afraid to admit it.  We were at my friend's wedding and I didn't have an ounce of envy at all, because I knew I was there with man I would spend the rest of my life with.  We were slow dancing to Elvis Presley, " I can't help falling in love with you."  I knew then that I had, but I wouldn't come out to say the words first.  All I said to him was, " I don't think, I know."  So I didn't say it first but got it out there.  He didn't reply until the next day, leaving me stressing that I had spoken up too soon and made a fool of myself.  Twenty-two years later...

Melissa R:  I knew Rob was the one when I told him about my obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber.  The following weekend he surprised me with tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  He sat through the entire production, never complained, and kept making sure I was enjoying myself.  I realized, wow he just tolerated something he absolutely dislikes, just because I enjoy it.  Yep, he's a keeper.

Robin O: On our first date we got one of those pager cracker thingies and apparently it was broken and never went off. We talked and drank wine for several hours before we noticed the dinner crowd was gone...I knew then on the first date:)

Kathleen G: I was at Thursday Night Live (which is a big, outdoor happy hour in downtown Lexington) with six of my girlfriends, when out of the blue, Charlie (whom I'd never met) walked up and handed me a glass of wine. I thought that was pretty gutsy - a lone guy approaching a bevy of women! So, we ended up talking & laughing & things just clicked. He asked me out. I said yes. We've been together ever since!

Laura L: We were is in a restaurant with a couple of co-workers and he started to tell a story about a time when his neighbor took him to a gala at the Field Museum.  I didn't care that his neighbor got to wear a fancy gown, that the food was amazing, that there was an orchestra or that they had that incredible museum to themselves.  I just remember thinking how lucky she was to have gotten the chance to spend the evening with him.   When I realized I was fuming with jealousy, I knew I was hooked.

Jenny Z: I knew we were meant to be when our relationship revolved around eating really tasty food...whether the food be from some fancy four star restaurant or some hole in the wall. I especially knew my husband was the "one" when he ate and fell in love with Korean food.  That sealed the deal because I'm Korean, grew up eating Korean food and love it.  Korean food is great but can be very weird.

My Mother-in-Law Joan M: Jack was the President of our wonderful All Souls Universalist Church young people's group.  He was "volunteered" by our minister to give the annual sermon on youth Sunday that year.  I was still in high school... His sermon was titled, "Yield the Right of Way".  He had his driver's license and and a used car he paid his sister $25 for, so this was a perfect title.  He went on to say how we need to "yield" to God, our parents, our friends, etc.  I don't remember all of it but I appreciated that he was a solid citizen with a lot of character, depth and thoughtfulness to others.  After 51 years of marriage, I can say he still holds this philosophy and is so thoughtful to me, to our family and to others.  Didn't realize it at the time but that's when I started to fall in love in him.  I knew he was a "keeper".

Todd S: When I took Brandi to my large Italian family 4th of July party. I was nervous introducing her - wasn't sure where we were going. They loved her (probably more than me - LOL) and I knew from then on that she was the one for me. My family can be difficult. We are going to be married 15 years in April

Lisa P: We met at our 10 year high school reunion.  Just before running into him I had decided to leave, but then Tony & I started talking and seemed to hit it off.  I told him that I was getting ready to leave & he told me to stay & offered to buy me a beer.  I agreed and then he pulled a $5 bill out of his pocket and gave it to me so I could go get my own damn beer.  Yep.  It was love at first sight.

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