A Magical Getaway - Part 2

As you might remember from last week’s post, a few weeks ago my anti-Disney husband surprised me by offering to take the family on a little getaway to Orlando. Of course, I jumped on the idea. Not only did I love Disney World, but one of my dearest childhood friends had recently relocated toOrlandoand this would give me the perfect opportunity to see her. We headed off toFloridatwo weeks ago and had an amazing first day at Magic Kingdom with my friend and her family.

The very next day, we all headed over toUniversal Studios Islands of Adventure. This is the park I was most looking forward to, since we didn’t get to Universal when we went to Floridawith my family two years ago and – as I am a huge fan of J.K. Rowling – I was very excited to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The park was a blast! The boys especially enjoyed the Dr. Seuss area and ride (and of Liam went on the carousel about three times!). After that, we headed over to the Harry Potter section, which I must say was wonderful. I had a lot of fun perusing the stores in Hogsmeade and admiring how the people at Universal brought everything to life. This was by far the most crowded section of the park, as you might imagine, so I didn’t really get to explore in-depth (nor did I try the butterbeer), but what I did see was a lot of fun.

One thing that I did not like, however, was that Dylan was too small to go on the ride. There was a roller coaster that he could have ridden on, but that too looked just a bit too scary for him. You would think that in an area created for a children’s book they would have more rides tailored to children, but alas it was not so. Dylan was very disappointed not to have gotten to go on the ride, but after I went through it I have to say I am so glad he got turned back at the door! That ride was almost too scary for me! I had to close my eyes a few times, and I can just imagine that Dylan would have been absolutely petrified! 

Unfortunately, the next two rides Dylan got on weren’t really much better. He emerged from the Jurassic Park ride white-faced and wanting his Mami, telling me he got a little scared when the T-Rex came out.

The Spider-Man ride – which we thought he would love as he is such a big superhero fan – was even worse. The poor kid was crying and screaming bloody murder, he was so scared! I felt horrible for him! Luckily, that was the last ride of the day, and we headed out of the park right after that.

 However, I must say again that I wish the ride had been a little bit tamer for the sake of the kids, who are the biggest fans of superheroes. I understand the need for thrills, but why do they have to make it so terrifying for the little ones? There should be a middle ground – or at least another ride tailored for the younger crowd. I just hope Dylan hasn’t been scarred for life after those two rides and that he will give amusement park rides a try at the next opportunity.

We didn’t really get a chance to see if Dylan would get back on amusement park rides because the next day we headed over to Sea World…

 (Continues next week)



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