A Magical Getaway

My husband Bill is not a fan of anything Disney. He doesn’t like Mickey Mouse, complains every time the kids watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (“The characters can’t figure out how to do anything for themselves and have to rely on technology to solve all their problems”), and definitely does not like the parks very much.

I thought this was because he had never been to Disney World as a child and that when he took his own children there and saw the sparkle in their eyes, he would change his mind. However, our visit to Orlando two years ago only intensified his dislike. The parks were so crowded that you could barely walk down the streets, the lines were ridiculously long and – to top it off – there was a cold front going on and we ended up wearing our winter coats every day. Not his idea of a good time at all.

You can imagine my surprise, therefore, when he recently approached me and said he was being offered an awesome package to go to a hotel in Downtown Disney for a few nights, and asked if I’d be interested in taking the kids there. Naturally, I pounced on the idea! Not only do I LOVE Disney World, but we had been talking about taking a family vacation, just the four of us, for a long while now. This seemed to me like the perfect place to go!

To make matters even better, one of my dearest friends, whom I’ve known since I was two years old, recently relocated to Orlando, so I quickly gave her a call and told her about our plans. She graciously invited us to stay at their house a few extra days, and we happily accepted. Her son (who is also my godson) is the same age as Dylan, and the boys were super excited to see each other. The plans were set in motion. I could hardly stand the excitement!

Last Friday, we arrived in Orlando for our first vacation together (by this I mean travel not involving visits to family), and we had a fantastic time. It was lovely to see my good friend again, and Dylan and her son Matthew got along famously. We spent that first night having a good time relaxing with our friends, and the next morning headed to our first park, Magic Kingdom.

The park was not crowded at all and we never had to wait in line more than 30-45 minutes at either of them, which was a vast improvement from last time. Plus, we were able to go to all the rides we had to miss the first time because of the long waits (such as the Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion rides at Magic Kingdom).

When we went to Six Flags over the summer, Dylan was scared to even go on the little kid rides. This time around, Dylan really surprised me by getting on all the rides and even the teacups! Liam surprised me even more. Since he is a bit of a scaredy cat, I thought he would freak out on the rides, but he absolutely loved them, even the Haunted Mansion one.

His favorite rides turned out to be the carousels, though. That baby is a fiend for carousels. The moment he sees one, he starts squealing and pointing until he goes in, and the moment the ride is over he starts bouncing and yells out “Mas!” It was sooo cute!

After a long day at Magic Kingdom, we headed back to my friend’s house for pizza and some much needed rest before heading out to Universal Studios the next day…

 (Continues next week)

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