What on Earth are you Afraid of?

First it was The Red Guy.

Then The Dancing Cat.

Now, it's the Bat Child Found in Cave.

I know, right?

90% of the time, Sam is a regular old, ordinary boy.

But look out for that 10%.

Every so often, something triggers a major fear response in him, and we are currently in the throes of one.

I partially blame myself for introducing this new one to him.

My kids are huge fans of a new Disney show called Gravity Falls. I like it too.

Recently, on Youtube, they have been checking out mysteries that are hidden throughout this show. Like the Pyramid with the all seeing eye from our dollar bill, but here is wearing a top coat, hat and mustache. It appears only for a split second at the end of the credits. There is also whispering, which has caused people to speculate just what they may be whispering about.

My favorite is one scene of the woods where you catch a brief glimpse of something running across the screen. If you freeze it, it's Bigfoot.


At the end, they throw a bunch of crazy photos on screen, and one of them looked very familiar to me...

I laughed and ran to Scott's dresser drawer. The one which holds all the forbidden shirts, you know, from back before kids were around. Like Calvin in a Bears jersey peeing on a Packers Helmet, or a shirt with the F Bomb on it (also in reference to The Packers. Curse you, drunken post-game purchases!).

I find what I am looking for and bring it to the kids, who are still busy solving the mysteries of the show's opening.

Ta da! I say, revealing a shirt with the 'Weekly World News' (aka The Paper) headline and the accompanying photo.

"Bat Child Found in Cave!"

The photo is of a boy with huge eyes, ears and pointy teeth, with his mouth open wide.

It terrified Sam.

It was visceral, this immediate fear reaction. Fight or Flight took over and he huddled under the covers, as Flight won out. I had to sit with him and tell him it was fake. An artist on a computer made those ears and teeth so big, and isn't it funny. Like a kid would turn into a bat anyway. Ha ha, right?

Trying to further diffuse the situation, I had everyone go see Dad and get his opinion. We showed him the clip with the photos, and froze it. I ask Scott if any of those looked familiar, and he laughed out loud! "It's bat child found in cave!"

Poor Sam. And all this right in time for Halloween and all the spooky spooks.

Ay, Mama!


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