The family history lesson

I've threatened him with it for at least a year but I guess the threats and warnings weren't enough...

When the Teen Testosterone gets home from school today he will have to wash all of the dishes in the kitchen.  Not just the dirty dishes... ALL of the dishes.  I've pulled one-too-many items out of the cabinets/drawers only to be stunned by the amount of guck stuck to the what supposedly passed inspection.   It's ridiculous -- and nauseating.

And I had to learn the same way.

Thirty or so years ago my Mom told me if I didn't start paying better attention while washing the dishes she'd wake me up in the middle of the night and make me wash every dish in the kitchen.

Guess what happened?

What happened is I learned that when your Mom tells you she's going to do something that sounds so ridiculous that she wouldn't possibly do it...  she will ABSOLUTELY do it.

I also learned to make sure every dish I wash is clean before I place it on the "clean" side of the sink and DEFINITELY before I put it away in the cabinet or drawer.

Let's hope my kid learns as quickly as I did.




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