Second time around

"Should I drop her off at school tomorrow" asked our Mima, ready to start the back to school routine. Babysitter drops her off and I pick her up.

"No, I'll drop her off. I have to pretend this is a milestone moment. Other parents will wonder what's wrong with Amelia's parents," I replied as we both laughed.

Since she was born in October, our daughter is going to preschool for the second year in a row. Same school, same classroom, same teacher. So for us, like they say in Chicago, "it's dejavu all over again".  The first time, it was an all encompassing experience. My husband and I went to every event, big and little from the beginning to the end of the school year. This year our excitement is tempered by the repetitiveness. Don't take me wrong, at least one of us will be there for everything, but definitely not with the same first time enthusiasm.

I drove my little girl to school on Wednesday and felt good at the sight of other "repeat parents" arriving at the nick of time, just like me. The teachers couldn't help laughing.

"Ok Amelia lets do this!" I encouraged my daughter to quickly get in line with her girlfriends. I took a quick picture with my phone (last year my husband brought his fancy camera) and cheered "let school begin!" I couldn't get out of that drive way fast enough to enjoy 3 hours of freedom. I know, mother of the year. Ay Mama!

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