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No matter how incredible the adult event is, or how glitz and glammy the red carpet is. No matter how fantastic the hobnobbing is, or how delicious the drinks are. No matter how amazing the venue or the media coverage is…

My heart has always been and will always be with the kids. I don’t need any buttoned up, high brow events to float my boat.

There is something so special and pure about enjoying an event with your children, hearing their giggles, witnessing their expanding eyes and cartoon-like expression when they step into the magic of a fantasy world.

It is no coincidence that the Celebration of Life, a kid-focused, family oriented fundraiser hosted by Atia’s Project Ladybug Fund (APLF), is on September 29th. What better way to wrap up National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s all about the kids. It has always been about the kids. Our charity proudly proclaims so in its mission statement: To ease the struggles of childhood cancer by providing financial and emotional support to patients [children] and their parents.

I am grateful that APLF focuses its efforts on an event for the kids, giving parents a reason to celebrate the precious lives of their own children – whether they are healthy or fighting hard to regain their health. To be honest, there aren't many opportunities in September for the kids to get involved. Sure, parents, friends, family and supporters have loads of options when it comes to Childhood Cancer fundraisers and parties to attend, but I rarely see kids at any of therm.

I cherish the times Atia, Asher and I have conversations about pediatric cancer. We discuss the struggles these kids and families face - for Atia a faint memory, for Asher an abstract concept, for Steve and I a throbbing wound yet to heal. Of course our chats are age appropriate and fairly short lived, but we’re talking about it, and why it’s important to care for others and always be kind.

It will take years for them to fully grasp the importance and the depth to which their support, awareness and philanthropic efforts are critical to advance the cause. But, I firmly believe that exposing children to the importance of standing up for what they believe in, and for championing a cause is so very important. It builds the foundation in which a giving heart grows...

And it all begins with talking. Talking to your kids. Not being afraid to tell them what it's like, or when there is an injustice like only 4% of the national cancer research budget going towards pediatric cancer.

So please, join me and my extraordinary team of fellow volunteers at the 2nd Annual Celebration of Life on Saturday, September 29th at the Dupage Childern’s Museum in Naperville, IL from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. It’ll be a night of Superhero bliss.


Our clue-based scavenger hunt will have you working with your child to locate the next Superhero challenge, earning them their very own Superhero powers along the way. No Superhero League is complete with out gearing up in full on capes, masks and wrist cuffs – so, we’ll have plenty available to transform your little one into the Superhero they already are!

I am thrilled that Costumers with a Cause has partnered with us to make this the very best experience, and will be sending a troupe of their Superheroes for the kids to meet. Can you imagine how excited your child will be when they see, and get up close to, the “real” Spiderman? Pure elation for them and for you.

Beyond the excitement of Spider-Man and Batman stepping off the screen and into your child’s life, the heart-and-soul of this event revolves around the two incredibly special children we are honoring: 8-year old, Colseon and 11-year old, Kayla. They both battled cancer for several years and have recently completed their treatment. They suffered, struggled and dealt with numerous side-effects, but today they are cancer-free! I'd say that's a reason to celebrate. Wouldn't you?

This event celebrates their journey and all children, whether they’ve been through a life-threatening illness or not. It’s all about the kids, so why not join us…

Please come. Your attendance will help raise money for the kids who are unable to make it, for those too ill to leave their hospital bed, for those too susceptible to germs to be in a public forum.

Make a night of it. Enjoy your children, your family, share some laughs, get goofy and silly.

It’s all about the kids, so let’s act like them for a good cause!

Adult Tickets $10
Kid tickets $15
Capes $5
*There are family discount deals available, too.

All proceeds benefit Atia's Project Ladybug Fund.

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