Has It Been That Long?

A few weeks ago, I had my grade school reunion.  There were many people there that I had not seen since I was 13 years old.  It was a very weird experience.

I am not a big fan of reunions.  I think the people I want to keep in touch with, I already do.  I have been to other grade school and high school reunions where you see people and say you will keep in touch…but you don’t. 

However, since one of my friends was planning the reunion, I offered to help.  Something that amazed me was that a few of the ‘popular’ people in grade school did not want to attend the reunion.  Why? Because they had too many bad memories from grade school.  I was completely surprised by that.  It just goes to show you that maybe you don’t know the whole story about someone.  There were people who I thought had the best life, but in reality, maybe they did not. 

So I went to the reunion and had a pretty good time.  It was fun to catch up with some people and I did hear ‘we have to keep in touch’, and with a few of the girls, I meant it.  And thanks to Facebook and email, I will this time.

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