Things Happening for a Reason

I admit it, sometimes I can be a fatalist. I try not to be, as it triggers my latent OCD, but at other times, I want to embrace it. Things DO happen for a reason.

Exactly one day before we were leave for a 6+ hour car ride and our two week stint in Michigan, I went to gas up the car. On the way out of the gas station, the steering just suddenly stopped working. It was all I could do to crank that wheel to make it home.

The expletives flew.

It's 6 PM on Thursday night. We already have a laundry list of things to do before we leave in 24 hours, and now the only car we can take (due to the trailer hitch for the sailboat) is in dire straits.

I ask locals, and nearly everyone says "go to Busse Automotive".

7pm. I call. And someone answers. No...way.

He says they are closed right now, but we can fill him in on what's happening, drive the car up to the shop now (it's within walking distance), leave the keys, and they can get to it in the morning.

I try to remember how to breathe.

I gently stress to him that I am freaking out. Not wanting to alert a stranger that we will be out of town for two weeks, I do tell him that we need the car for an important event a few hours away tomorrow evening, and I am near panic. He is understanding.

The next morning, I get a call. It was as Scott confirmed, the alternator belt was completely frayed-so no power was getting to the power steering, and another belt was near breaking point too. They replaced both belts, drove the car around awhile, and it's ready.

Sunshine fills my heart.

I pick up the car (with the help of Keri Graham, who had chosen that moment to drop off Star Wars movies for our vacation, but was suddenly roped into car retrieval/babysitting duties- plus it was 100 degrees out, the cool ride was welcomed-as you may remember, hot, hungry, or tired makes me an unhappy girl).

I pay, and get the car. They had even washed it- and it looks fantastic. I allow myself to take a breath of relief as I start the car as vacation is still on! But... nothing. Dead battery.

I peel my fingers off the steering wheel.

I let the guys inside know and they jump it, do a diagnostic, and inform me that the battery is the original. They can charge it up, or I can get a new one. It's up to me.

Fate is clearly stepping in here, and I am listening. Two belts randomly fray & now the battery dies the day before we leave?? Do we want to be in the middle of northern Michigan at midnight, with no civilization for miles and miles, with a 6 year old battery?

Hell no.

Get the new battery.

Right on schedule, we loaded four eager people, 100 stuffed animals, two weeks worth of crap and a sailboat onto that car with its new belts and battery. It made the trip like a champ.

Ay, Mama!


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