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Every Saturday, we have movie night at our house where we take turns picking our movie of choice.  With a five and three-year old, we try to select G-rated movies, but we are starting to run out of options.  We have seen most of the G-rated movies, and the ones we have not are ‘girl movies’ as my sons’ call them. 

So should we start moving to the PG-rated movies?  I guess PG really is not so bad right?  It stands for “parental guidance” so if we think it’s ok for them to watch, then it should be fine right? Also, many of the PG-rated movies look very cool.

It really is amazing how many ‘kids movies’ are rated PG, and in the past, we did not consider watching them.  Movies like ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and ‘Shrek’.  Those are kid movies that most parents are fine with their kids watching.

And it’s hard too since Cooper is almost six and Cole is four so Cooper can probably start watching more PG-rated movies, but Cole may not be ready yet. 

So any advice out there…what PG-rated movies have you watched that you thought were fine for your kids?

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