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An Early Start

For the past month of the summer, I enrolled Dylan in a summer school program offered by a local school district. Since Dylan always went to preschool in the morning and our district only offers afternoon Kindergarten, I wanted to get him used to this new school schedule, as well as to give him an... Read more »

Last Days of Summer

OK parents of school aged kids, how do you feel about these last days of summer vacation? Are you counting down the minutes until you can be free of the whining, the boredom, and the demands for food to be prepared constantly (it’s not just my house, I know). Or are you dreading every passing... Read more »

Kindergarten Is Coming

In less than two weeks, Cooper starts Kindergarten.  Unlike other kids, he is NOT very excited about it.  So I went into research mode and found a few tips I thought I would share with you.  Children will pick up on your slightest bit of anxiety and will wonder why you are concerned. It is... Read more »

A moment of thanks,

praise, appreciation, coins in the fountain, happiness, international honors, pats on the back, ceremonial toasts, lavish coronation, props, jackpots, icing, cake, ice cream, smooches, divine health, unmeasured wealth, countless smiles, sincere hugs, enjoyable conversation, favorite songs, infinite prosperity, frequent vacation days, wanted attention, overpaid utility bills, the good life, love, peace, and soul to whoever invented the... Read more »

The Bookstore. The Library. The Bookstore.

The Bookstore. The Library. The Bookstore.
My Previous Blog Recently, in preparation for a family vacation, we stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up some Colorforms (remember those?) Old school, I know, but therein lies the charm; a simple, imagination-based toy with no messy pieces – travel perfection! While we were at the bookstore, I was shocked to witness my... Read more »

Camp withdrawal

Camp is over and no, the 4 and half year old is not the one who is going to have withdrawal, it’s mostly her parents.  Pre school doesn’t start for 4 more weeks. What am I going to do with my Energizer bunny? It’s not like camp was taking care of her boundless energy, but... Read more »

Thank You, Erma Bombeck

When I was newly married and pursuing my master’s degree in Professional Writing, I decided to take a humor writing class. The professor was a kind, elderly comedian named Shelley Berman. One day, he brought in some excerpts from a female humor writer I had never heard of. Her name was Erma Bombeck.  I clearly... Read more »

Organized? Yes. Messy? Absolutely!

Ask me to find anything in  my house, and I can usually find it, no problem. Ask me how clean my tub or sink are, and well… The first time we ever had the house cleaned was when I broke my foot and some friends graciously paid for a cleaning service to come in to clean the... Read more »

Peter Pan Syndrome

My son Cooper advised me the other day that he is NOT turning six.  He has what I call ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ and does not want to ever grow up.  His plans are to remain five forever.  Well I guess…can you blame him? To him, being five-years old is great.  There is very little responsibility,... Read more »

The P-word

In the midst of the suburb-of-hell type temperatures we’ve been experiencing – our air conditioner stopped working. Inconvenient? Yes. Big deal? Not at all. I don’t really care for AC because if I sit longer than 20 minutes it forces my knee into crisis mode. We might save a few bucks with the option off of... Read more »