Organized? Yes. Messy? Absolutely!

Ask me to find anything in  my house, and I can usually find it, no problem.

Ask me how clean my tub or sink are, and well...

The first time we ever had the house cleaned was when I broke my foot and some friends graciously paid for a cleaning service to come in to clean the things I could no longer do.

It was one of the nicest gifts I ever received.

I am an organized person, but yet also kind of a slob. I have a high tolerance in what I find to be dirty, while still being hygenic. (I'm not gross & was raised by a woman who worked for the Health Department). I am just lax on my deep cleaning is all. So is Scott (did I say that out loud?), so I can't even look to my significant other to be anal and clean things either.

I looked at Scott after our first out-sourced house cleaning, and I was all a-swoon. It was heaven. Toilets were scrubbed, the tub was sparkling, our stainless sink-stainless.

He knew it was trouble...and soon, we had a cleaning woman come, but just once a month. It's perfect.

The funniest thing I never realized was all the work and cleaning you have to do just for the cleaning woman to come. All the crap up is off the floor, and the shampoos out of the tub. I don't want her spending her time organizing, I just want things deep cleaned.

The bonus is it does make you tackle crap you've put off: that suitcase with some clothes still in it, or that pile of mail you've meant to sort through. But when you leave the house,  and then return three hours later to discover the lemony mists of cleanliness...aaahhhhhh.

Is there a better scent? OK, maybe a baby's head...

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