Olympic Fever

Everyone in my family has caught ‘Olympic Fever’.  It all started last Friday night when we watched the Opening Ceremonies.  My parents and Uncle G came over and brought the boys American flags to wave, along with Italian and Irish flags. 

Cooper had been very excited for days about the start of the Olympics.  On Friday night, he sat there for hours mesmerized by everything, but his favorite part was the lighting of the torch and the Olympic rings.  Even Cole sat for periods of time watching.  He loved it whenever the Olympic rings were on screen.

I thought that was it, but the next day, Cooper asked about watching the Olympics.  So that was his weekend… Cooper watching anything Olympic he could find.  He loves volleyball, swimming, diving, basketball and cycling, but his favorite is gymnastics.  He has even expressed interest in trying gymnastics so that will be our next ‘thing’ to do.

So every night after dinner, we stay up and watch the Olympics.  It’s good, but bad too since we are forgoing books for TV.  Also, the boys are becoming a bit cranky during the day due to less sleep, so last night, I pulled the plug on the Olympics early.  Cooper and Cole were not happy, but I am hoping for happier boys today.

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