Lollapalooza, Here We Come

Lollapalooza, Here We Come

Radiohead, Tool, Gomez, Iggy Pop, Amy Winehouse, Yo La Tengo, Foo Fighters, Diplo, Lupe Fiasco, Jesus and Mary Chain, Phoenix, Spoon, The XX, Metric, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Widespread Panic, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, TV on the Radio, Ben Harper, Bloc Party, Ida Maria, CSS, Santigold, Care Bears on Fire, Ministry, Best Coast, Cold War Kids... & many more.

It's here...our annual trek to Lollapalooza is today, and I am so psyched!

We head to Grant Park for a sold out day full of music. I am always taken aback by the cost ($90 a day this year), but after, I am amazed by all the bands I saw, and then it's totally worth it. Bummer we can only go one day, as three day passes are a better deal, but with kids... at least we get one day out together.

I love to discover new bands; we seek out one or two unknown bands each year. Last year's gem was a Welsh rock band: The Joy Formidable. We loved them SO much, my friend Eileen Mackenzie & I saw them again at Metro a few months later. They totally rock.

I missed the very first Lolla ever, back in 1991, as I had to work, but have gone to almost every one since. Scott did go that 1st year (we've been together for a long time), and I was so jealous of him. He still lists Jane's Addiction that night as one of his top five concerts ever.

Back then, this was a traveling carnival; stopping over in Chicago for just a day, then moving on to the next town. There'd never been a music event like this before, with the bands all touring together, and showcasing all styles of music from rap to rock to emo all in one day. We ate it up. Creator Perry Farrell's a genius!

We have such crazy memories around Lolla too: one year, we went to Tinley Park & had such a blast, we bought tickets to Alpine Valley the next weekend to do it all again. Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder climbed to the top of the pavillion & jumped off-he had a harness), the Red Hot Chili Peppers wore crazy flaming hats, a sod fight erupted during Ministry and we got to say F-U to Ice Cube. (Seeing thousands of middle fingers raised to him was amusing).

Another year, (still my favorite one), we drove to Deer Creek in Indiana to see the Grateful Dead, and walked to our camp site after midnight. The next morning, Scott joked that we changed from tie-dyes & birkenstocks into black & Doc Martins. We hitched a ride with some neighboring campers who drove us right in. (I still can't imagine all the work it took to turn the Dead show scene into the Lolla sets/stages in 9 hours). We thanked our drivers, and as they directed us through a corridor, we found ourselves actually INSIDE Lolla already. They worked somehow with Lolla & just drove us all in. Seriously?! Scott went out, sold my ticket, and came back in on his. Score! That day was The Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Luscious Jackson, and George Clinton who wore a wedding dress with Bootsie in just a diaper.

Now, Lolla is a 3-day destination concert along Chicago's Lakefront, spanning Buckingham Fountain. It's a lovely site and it's HUGE. We used to buy our tickets about a week in advance, once we secured an all day/night sitter, but this year, Saturday sold out quick, and we bought back in May. It's been sold out for months now. We are flying my Dad in from Colorado to visit and to watch the kids so we can get a hotel room and stay downtown! (Leaving the city has always been the worst part, so biking to and from our hotel will hopefully be a good option.)

Today, I am excited to see The Shins, The Head and the Heart and The Black Keys. I have a feeling we will also HAVE to check our Black Sabbath, because c'mon. It's Ozzy. I just am hoping it's not 103 like it was a few years ago.

Someday I hope to take the kids, but its hot and a long day, and well, this is OUR event as a couple. And of course, upon editing this, I have spent the week in bed with a high fever and finally a diagnosis of Bronchitis. I am hoping to make the most of it, but take it slow too.

Ay, Mama!

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