Kindergarten can't come too soon

I may be missing that certain motherly hormone, but I ca't wait until my daughter goes to school full time. I've sat through conversations with my girlfriends, both stay at home and working  moms, who were dreading the day their babies would go to school all day. I don't get it!

Yes, I cried when I dropped Amelia off at preschool last year, not because I would miss her, mostly because she looked so sad when said good bye that it broke my heart.  As it has been documented in this blog, I have major baggage about pre school and grade school. I was one of those kids that cried almost every morning in school until 5th grade.  I don't ever want my girl to be that miserable.

Thankfully, Amelia is  not me. It does take her a couple of weeks to adjust to a new place, but she starts enjoying herself relatively quickly. (Knock on wood) I think the reason I really want her to go to school full time is because my almost 5 year old has a lot of energy and 3 hours of pre-k don't do much to calm her down.  Also, our daughter is an only child so her only chance to socialize with her peers is at a school setting.  Her baby sitter, her father and I end up  being her play dates way too often, and I don't want to have that kid that only relates to adults. Plus, I'm not that great at playing pretend.

Perhaps because I can't wait until my daughter goes to kindergarten, I  gave birth to an October baby who misses the school cut off.  Hence, Amelia has one more year of 3 hours of preschool and I have to wait another year to finally have my little girl come home from school saying "Mama, I'm tired." Ay Mama!

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