I'm not saying... I'm just getting old

I’m a Ph.D. student (1st year) and as a part of the deal I am an instructor for undergraduate classes -  it's the basic work-study setup. I like teaching so I appreciate the opportunity to do so while I learn how to do it better. What I don’t appreciate is what is happening in my classroom this semester.  I don’t appreciate it but I do have to live with it.

One of my students ... I have a student  Shoot I don’t even know how to say it....


There's a student in my class whose father started my professional career when he hired me four months out of college (I didn't start looking until three months after I graduated but that's another story).

And still, that's not quite it

LET ME JUST SPIT IT OUT:   $@*%  I REMEMBER WHEN THIS KID WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW HIS PARENTS BEFORE HE DID AND NOW HE’S SITTING IN MY CLASS LOOKING AT ME JUST TO LET ME KNOW HOW OLD I REALLY AM. OH – THIS ON TOP OF THE FACT THAT I HAD KNEE SURGERY LAST WEEK SO I’M HOBBLING AROUND LIKE AN OLD…. HOBBLE AROUNDER!!!! AND I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M YELLING because I KNOW I need to save my energy because I have a lot more work to do and if I stay up too late I will oversleep and there’s no future in me oversleeping because if I oversleep I will just look that much older when I walk into class and stand in front of this COLLEGE JUNIOR WHO WASN’T BORN WHEN I FIRST GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!!!!

And I think that’s all I want to say on that.

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