New Glasses

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to wear glasses. Maybe it was the fact that my dad worked at (an eventually became the owner of) an eye center, but I thought eye glasses were the coolest thing ever. For most of my childhood, I prayed I would have bad vision on every yearly eye examination. In fact, I begged and begged for glasses so much that Santa actually brought me a pair one Christmas. I was in heaven.

My wish didn’t come true until I was in high school, but even then I was excited to finally be able to wear glasses.  Even now that I need them all the time, I enjoy my glasses very much. I much prefer them to contact lenses, which I only wear on special occasions.

You can imagine my surprise, then, to find myself getting a little sad about the fact that Dylan needed glasses too.

I had no idea that there was a problem with his vision. The only reason I took him to the optometrist was because he needed a form filled out for Kindergarten. Soon after the examination started, however, an alarm started going off in my head. Dylan recognized all the symbols on the screen until they got to the smallest ones, then he just couldn’t make them out.

The doctors were very thorough. An assistant first conducted the examination, then the doctor came in and did it all over again, with the same results. At this point she said she wanted to dilate Dylan’s eyes to see what was going on. They put drops in his eyes and once his eyes were dilated, did the examination a third time. The results never wavered. Dylan just couldn’t see the small images. He would need to wear glasses.

I still can’t really say why my heart sunk just a little bit. Maybe it’s because he’s so young. Maybe I’m afraid he’s going to get teased. Maybe because it’s yet another challenge for him, on top of his developmental delays and special needs. Maybe because I just didn’t know how I was going to get this very hyper, energetic boy to actually wear his glasses. Maybe it’s a combination of all those things and many more that I haven’t yet been able to articulate. Maybe it’s just because I’m a mom who worries about her son.

Whatever the reason, I never let my sadness show. Instead, I pointed out to Dylan how cool it was that he’d be wearing glasses like Mami and Daddy and made sure he understood that the doctor said he needed to wear them all the time. Dylan took everything in stride and was excited to help me pick out his first pair of glasses.

He is doing awesome with them. He wears them all day long and is getting to the point where he doesn’t need to be reminded to put them on in the morning. We’ve only had to repair them once so far, which has been a big surprise (seriously, with the way Dylan is I expected to have to be at the eyeglass store almost every day!). And of course there’s the fact that he looks super cute with them on.

Dylan goes back to the eye doctor in three months to see if the glasses have helped his vision and whether or not he will still need to continue wearing them. I wonder if he’ll be a little sad if they tell him he no longer needs them…





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