The end of TomKat

Why should we care if Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing? Do we really know them or the nature of their marriage? After putting aside the guilt of commenting on other people's lives we really don't know anything about, here are my 2 cents on the inevitable end of that relationship.

*Good riddance, Katie:  Glad that Holmes snapped out of it and realized that she had nothing in common with this man. You could say she should have figured this out before having his baby, since Cruise's Scientoligy fanaticism is well documented, but it takes some girls longer to get over their high school crush.

*Daddy knows best: No matter how old we are, if we have good, supportive parents, they will always be there for us. Her mom and dad were there for her when she decided to take the plunge with this odd man. (She was an adult and they couldn't stop her) Now,  reports say her father, an attorney himself, is the one helping her through what will be a legal nightamare.

*Now let them be: As a member of the media and a People Magazine reader, I understand the public loves to know every detail, but this is already a strange situation. Let that 6 year old girl have her time to understand her new reality, that Mom settle into her new life and Tom Cruise move on to the next It Girl.

Ay Mama!



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  • I'd forgotten Katie's dad is an attorney. That man has one heck of a fight on his hands as there's no way Cruise is going to let Katie walk out with Suri. He took his older two away from Nicole and he'll fight to the death to keep Suri under his roof with minimal visitation for Katie. Suri is at the age the Scientologists really start indoctrinating the children, and according to the London Daily Telegraph, that's what Katie is fighting against.
    The end of a marriage is difficult enough, but to have it played out in the press has to be utter hell! My heart goes out to Katie, I pray her dad guides her through the process as quickly as possible.

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