The Dailey Method: Part 2

The Dailey Method: Part 2

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Last week I told you about my fearful, anxiety-ridden, surprisingly empowering introduction to The Dailey Method.  As I left off, I was definitely going to try another class. I walked out of the session with wobbly legs, which forced me to hold tighter to the railing as I descended the stairs to street level.

I didn’t go back until the following Monday. The truth is my body was a bit in shock after the first go round. Remember how my lovely instructor, Julie, told me that it was completely normal that my legs were involuntarily shaking, and they were only doing so because my muscles were fatigued? Well, those underutilized, over stimulated muscles were screamin’ at me two days later. Simple things like sitting up in bed proved to be difficult. I had to propel myself upward with my hands because my core muscles were so stiff.

Funny thing is… I liked it. The results I was experiencing made me feel like I had really done something. Yes, it was hard, but it was so very rewarding. I felt strong, and I felt really proud of myself. I stood taller, held my head higher and engaged my core muscles tighter.

So the second time I tried out The Dailey Method I walked in with an easy confidence I hadn’t had the time before. Again, I introduced myself to the class’ instructor and explained that I was a newbie. She was fantastic!

I slipped on my special socks (recommended) and began stretching. I leaned over to an older woman I was sitting by, and asked her if she’d be doing this for a while. She told me that she’d be at it for about a year, at least once a week. I am in my mid-thirties, and this woman was probably in her late-fifties, possibly early-sixties. I was so impressed by her, and then, in an effort to explain my clumsy weakness, I quickly explained that this was only my second time. She chuckled and promised me that it gets better every time you do it. She encouraged me to keep going! I could have hugged her for that.

Class began. My breathing increase, my cheeks turned red, my legs shook, I cursed the countdowns – 5 more, 4 more, 3 more, 2 more, 1 more (where some people might find comfort in those decreasing numbers knowing “it’s” going to end soon, for some reason I find them even worse than not knowing how many more bc my body starts to shutdown at the number 5!) – but I cherished the routine change. That’s the thing about The Dailey Method; in an effort to work every muscle and keep things interesting, they switch up the moves while still focusing on the core muscle groups. We used a ball, we used the bar, we used the floor, we worked abs, our legs, our butt, our arms, everything!

By the end, I was shaking, but again I felt a true sense of accomplishment. I was getting stronger and it left me wanting more. I did it! I was pumped for the rest of my day. What a great workout!

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