When I took Liam for his 1-year visit at the pediatrician, the doctor started asking me all the usual questions about his milestones: does he crawl/walk, does he climb up the stairs, does he talk, etc. When she got to the one about whether or nor he slept though the night, I lost it a little bit.

No, he still didn’t sleep through the night. We were desperate. At this point, we had tried just about everything, including of course, letting him cry it out. The last bout had been a disaster. It lasted over two weeks, with Liam crying and/or awake for almost two hours every night.

After this torture, he started getting about 4 teeth at the same time. Of course, his mouth bothered him at night, and we didn’t have the heart to just leave him in there while we knew he was so uncomfortable, or the energy to keep the sleepless nights going, so once again we’d gone back to one of us getting up with him in the middle of the night and sleeping with him on the couch.

We were almost at the end of our rope, I told the doctor. I really needed some advice. I looked at her expectantly as the doctor gave me a sympathetic glance.

“Really, you are already doing all the right things,” she said. “Maybe his little body is not yet ready to sleep through the night.”

My heart sank. So there was no solution. We just had to wait it out.

“My advice is, wait about two weeks, and then try it again,” she concluded. “If it doesn’t work, take another two-week break, and just keep trying.”

This really was not what I wanted to hear at all. I went back home and completely gave up any attempt to try to let Liam sleep through the night. About a week later, sleepless and exhausted, Bill reached his breaking point. We HAD to try this again.

Well, I hesitate to say for fear of bursting the bubble, but it looks like we finally have some success with Liam’s sleep issue! It took just three days of laying him down while he’s awake and him crying for about 30 minutes before he was finally sleeping for about 8 hours straight. It’s not as much as most babies, but we’ll take it!

Of course, when he goes to sleep at 7 pm and he wakes up at 3:30 or 4 am, it is not much fun, but we are definitely happy that he is sleeping alone for hours at a time. Furthermore, he doesn’t just wake up early and immediately go back to sleep in my arms. He is completely awake, so that makes it easier for me to accept that this is just the most amount of hours his little body needs to rest.

It’s not easy waking up for the day before the sun is out, but the upside is that after about two hours of playing downstairs, Liam will usually fall back asleep in my arms, so I can go back to bed and get an extra hour or so of sleep before Dylan wakes up.

Those days are few and far between, though. Usually Liam goes to bed at 8 pm and wakes up at 5 am, which is totally doable. Best of all, there’s no crying anymore – not even when he wakes up. I just hope he continues this way. Wish us luck!

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