Seasick! -or- Singing the Wrong Lyrics

 Welcome to a "best of" week for me at Ay, Mama! Summer is in full swing and we are so busy, I chose to enjoy the time with my family and that left no time to write. This is, however, my favorite blog I've ever written for Ay, Mama! Enjoy.

The kids and I were driving in the car the other day listening to satellite radio, and the new song by Yo La Tengo came on. It's kinda catchy and funny in that the lyric is "We've all got something to hide" but the title is "Nothing to Hide". Well, the kids had heard the song before and started singing along when I heard some odd lyrics coming out of their mouths. I asked, "hey, what are you singing?" They were singing out "we've all got sef-a-la thighs". 

That got me thinking of when people get music lyrics wrong. There are the usual ones like Hotel California's smell of coletus (huh?) or that 'wrapped up like a douche' song no one knows the real words to. Everyone has one of these stories, so I thought I would start a dialog here. It's all about the music, whether you get the words right or not. 


 My Step-Father George was a classic in that he'd get the lyrics wrong AND "yada yada" the parts he didn't know. My favorite was when we were leaving the U of I once. Instead of telling us to "Hit the Road, Jack", he sang out in front of everyone, "Let's hit the road, Joe, ya-dum ta da dum-no more no more". We laughed the entire drive home. 

Jane's Addiction's "Been Caught Stealing" line is "Hey alright! If I get by, it's mine". My husband and I were in the supermarket and he picked up a pumpkin pie and proudly (and loudly) said, "Hey alright, pumpkin pie! It's mine!" When I was done laughing, I told him the correct line, but we still say that every Thanksgiving.

 My sister Wendy is renowned for this. First was "The Hustle" when she danced around singing "Do the hot sauce", and most famously- Elton John's "Sun Going Down on Me," line: I can't find, oh the right romantic line. Her take: I can't find, oh, the rock rolls mighty blind. Of course it does. 

My Dad reminded me of my childhood one to Jimmy Buffett's "Let's Get Drunk and Screw" when I innocently thought it was "Why don't we get drunk at school" which is so much better. The one Scott still laughs at me about is The Cure's "Just Like Heaven". We were in a restaurant and he was kinda singing it under his breath and when he got to the line "the one that makes me scream, she said" I yelled out "Seasick"! He gave me the most bewildered look. Slowly said, why did you just yell seasick? So I sang, "the one that makes me scream, 'seasick'!" Duh. If he had coffee in his mouth, it would have been spit out. 

I have been fishing around for a few more examples and my facebook family has been awesome. Sorry I could only quote a few the many gems:

Randy S: the line from "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" as "the girl with colitis goes by."

Katie M: "I used to sing the song from the 80's "Two of Hearts" as "two parked cars" for years until one of you corrected me ever so nicley!"

Erin T: I'll never forget Arsenio Hall calling out one of his staffers because he heard her singing "she's a BIG COW" instead of "She's a BRICK HOUSE."

Shellie D: one of my brother's friends used to sing "How's About a Date" instead of "Eyes Without a Face"

Shelli M: Fleetwood Mac..."Don't stop thinking about your Momma"

Nina G: Instead of Hold me close, tiny dancer: Hold me close Tony Danza.

 So now, I call upon you to leave your lyrics/comments below (via Chicago Now) of your own silly song goof-ups.

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