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Out for coffee

My parents just left after a wonderful two week visit with us in Chicago. We did so much in two weeks: twice to the movies (who knew my Mom would be more scared of Brave than her granddaughter) , a day trip to New Buffalo, Michigan, dinners out at nice restaurants and experiencing “East Land”... Read more »

Arroz con Ketchup

Dear readers, I am off for a little weekend adventure which I will tell you all about next Sunday. In the meantime, I am reposting one of my favorite Ay, Mama! posts of all times. Enjoy! ————————————————————–     Growing up, I knew a lot of people who put ketchup in just about everything they... Read more »

Seasick! -or- Singing the Wrong Lyrics

 Welcome to a “best of” week for me at Ay, Mama! Summer is in full swing and we are so busy, I chose to enjoy the time with my family and that left no time to write. This is, however, my favorite blog I’ve ever written for Ay, Mama! Enjoy. The kids and I were... Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions…In July?

The other day, I found a small crumpled and worn piece of paper in my purse.  I was not sure what it was, and alas…it was my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions! Well here we are half way through 2012 already and I thought how ironic it was that I just found this now.  Obviously from... Read more »

One big FAT joint

Once upon a time one big fat joint would mean something close to a fun time. But now I’m in my 40s, and one big fat joint only means one thing: PAIN!! It’s my knee. For the last few days, putting my full weight on my knee has been a problem. Now, I will admit the... Read more »

The Dailey Method

The Dailey Method
My Previous Blog Am I a couch potato? I guess I can’t call myself that anymore now that I’m a fairly active mother of two toddlers, but when I get downtime I like to spend it on this one particular cozy spot on my couch – the best seat in the house, I might add... Read more »


When I took Liam for his 1-year visit at the pediatrician, the doctor started asking me all the usual questions about his milestones: does he crawl/walk, does he climb up the stairs, does he talk, etc. When she got to the one about whether or nor he slept though the night, I lost it a... Read more »

Hot, Hungry or Tired

Many thanks to local and national best selling author Jen Lancaster for this title. In one of her books, she stated that she had every right to be grouchy and bitchy if any one of these criteria were met: Hot. Hungry. Tired. I fully agree and embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly. If  any one of these... Read more »


What a difference a year makes.  Cooper has grown so much in the last year and his level of fear has drastically reduced.  In the past, Cooper was afraid of fireworks, swimming and loud noises.  This year, Cooper can’t wait to go see fireworks.  We also put the pool up and I can’t get Cooper... Read more »

Common Sense on TV

Andy Griffith is dead. I don’t know if I was a BIG fan of his but I was a HUGE fan of Andy Taylor’s. Sheriff Andy Taylor is the role Mr. Griffith played on the Andy Griffith Show. What a great 30 minutes of sensible entertainment. Sheriff Andy Taylor always made sense. He made sense when... Read more »