New Year’s Resolutions…In July?

The other day, I found a small crumpled and worn piece of paper in my purse.  I was not sure what it was, and alas…it was my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!

Well here we are half way through 2012 already and I thought how ironic it was that I just found this now.  Obviously from its weathered state, I have not looked at my resolutions in a long time…probably not since I wrote them on January 1.

As I read them, I was hopeful that I had kept some of them, especially since my life is a bit different today on July 12 compared to when I wrote them on January 1.

I was pleasantly surprised to see I actually have kept most of them.  And some of them required big changes in my routine. 

Here they are:

  1. Eat bad food in moderation:  I have been able to cut out most of the bad food I use to eat… cookies and candy.  There is no way I can cut out ice cream, especially in the summer, but now I cut it back to maybe once a week.  And if I get an ice cream craving, fudge pops work great and they are low in fat and calories.
  2.  Exercise 5x a week:  Going from 0x a week to 5x a week was a big hurdle, but I have done it.  In the morning, when the kids are watching TV, I exercise during that time.  Enough with the guilt of having to spend every moment they are awake entertaining them.  I need 45 minutes for me and I am so much happier and more energetic as a result.
  3. Be positive:  Maybe it’s because the pressure of selling our house and moving is over, but I am more positive about things.  It’s how I want my kids to be, so I better set a good example for them.
  4. Be a better wife and mom:  Again, I think because the pressure is off, I have been better here too, but you would have to ask Ken and the boys to get the real answer.
  5. Make decisions:  It’s in my genes that indecisiveness when it comes to big decisions, but I have been fighting it lately.  Look at me…I have moved from Algonquin, a place I thought I would never leave.  Hey, it’s a start.
  6. Go to bed early/wake early:  On the most part, I have been pretty good here.  I have done a good job in going to bed early, but between 11pm and 6am, the beasts get restless.  Yes, the boys have been taking turns waking up a few times a night.  This has caused me to NOT wake up early, but come on…it’s out of my control right?  How can you fight the beasts?
  7. Dress for success:  Being home every day, you can get caught up in wearing yoga pants and t-shirts daily.  Also, how easy is the pony-tail right?  Now I am trying to ‘dress for success’ daily.  I have slipped a bit in the summer…tanks and shorts daily and with 100 degree weather, pony-tails are a must. 

So that’s it.  I have slipped a bit, but on the most part, I have kept many of my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions, and without really knowing it.

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