He’s Sexy and He Knows It

The other day, Cooper (my 6-year old) got out of the car singing the song “Sexy and I Know It” and I was a bit surprised.  I know I have been listening to the radio more and less of their kids CDs, but maybe I need to dial it back a bit.

I can only handle so many of my kid’s CDs in one day, so yes I turn on the radio.  And is that ok?  Is it OK that my five-year old son is singing “Sexy and I Know It”?  Cooper and Cole love music and some of their favorite songs are from Black Eye Peas, the Killers, Train, Maroon 5…is that ok?

When I listen to music, I really don’t pay attention to the words all that much.  For me, it’s the music…the sound…the beat.  There have been many times that I will tell Ken I like a song and he’s like “Really? That song?”

So maybe that is my problem…I am not paying attention to the words, just the music.  However, my son is paying attention to the words and singing along with them.  Does Cooper know what sexy means? No? Should I care that he knows the words to “Sexy and I Know It”?  Maybe.  Probably.

Any thoughts on this?

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