Common Sense on TV

Andy Griffith is dead. I don’t know if I was a BIG fan of his but I was a HUGE fan of Andy Taylor’s. Sheriff Andy Taylor is the role Mr. Griffith played on the Andy Griffith Show. What a great 30 minutes of sensible entertainment.

Sheriff Andy Taylor always made sense. He made sense when cleaning up Deputy Barney Fife’s mess. He made sense while parenting his son Opie. He made sense when dealing with his old bird Aunt Bee. He made sense while managing the citizens of Mayberry. And he even made sense when he was wrong. Sensible entertainment. There was some kind of lesson in each show and quite honestly I can’t remember any one of them. But I do remember the feeling I had after I watched each episode. I remember feeling as if everything was going to be OK. I’m not sure if I can say that about too many other television programs – especially these days. The way Sheriff Taylor handled his business said something about manhood, wisdom, The South, family…

I did not learn until much later that by the time I experienced the show it had been off the air for nearly a decade - but common sense is timeless, right? If you have never watched the show I suggest you capitalize on the Andy Griffith Show marathons that are bound to pop up.  You’ll see it better than I can tell it. And you may see that it has been a while since a pop culture sit-com has actually made sense. 

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