Touring WGN Studios

If you missed last week and need a recap of all the insanity that lead to this moment, click here (it also included the hilarious videos, in which Paul Konrad rocked!)

Last Friday, we hired two teenagers to do a group sit for the kids at 7AM, loaded into a van, and drove into the city in record time. It was our day to tour the WGN Studios, and to our surprise, we were treated to their live newscast. 

What an amazing morning! Paul Konrad met us right at the door, and was incredibly nice. He gave us a guided tour of the behind the scenes insanity that is doing a live news program. We got to talk to him about his career path, and how he grew up in Naperville and went to Northwestern- just like Amy Lies' husband. We were mesmerized as we trekked into and out of the studio to see Paul's live weather segements, saw famous people and we even a band play to end the show.

My husband, Scott, marveled that they let us strangers into the studio, live. He laughed that what if we were crazy & jumped in front of the camera waving our arms about?

If I wasn't so excited I would have also gotten photos of Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and MAD TV comedian Bobby Lee who were guests on the show that day. Oops.

What a day!

Thank you WGN and Paul Konrad!



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  • Wheeeee! So fun! Thank you Paul Konrad and WGN for being just as nice as can be! The experience was so amazing! Kelley, obviously my favorite blog ever.

  • Wait, I missed you AND Scott? What the hell?!!! I hate being Around Town when my friends come over. By the way, I had nothing to do with it. Never really spoke to Paul about it. He is that awesome.

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