The Stay-at-home Summer

This is probably the first summer of my married life that we don’t travel anywhere at all. I don’t mean little road trips here and there, but airplane travel to a far-off destination, usuallyPuerto Rico, usually to see my family. Even the rare summers where we ended up going to a different destination likeBrazilor theDominican Republic, my parents were with us, so it is very strange for me to realize that I will not be spending any time with my family during the summer months.

The reasons for staying at home this summer were purely practical: looking at our budget, we realized we could only travel toPuerto Ricoonce this year, and we would prefer to do so in the winter rather than in the summer to take advantage of the weather over there.  Since my parents visited us in May for the boys’ birthday party, they cannot come back so soon, hence I have no idea when we will see them again.

I do feel a little pang of longing for my family and my island this summer, but I know come December or January, I will not regret our decision to wait to travel. In the meantime, we have tried to fill up out summer with plenty of activities, outings, and little adventures, and so far, we have been having a ball.

Almost every weekend until the beginning of school is booked already, and I am sure we will find a way to fill up those that aren’t. We have been taking advantage ofChicago’s cool summer programs by going to the Blues Fest and the Book Fair. We have a camping trip in Starved Rock scheduled for next month. We have been going to the pool and – as you know from last week’s post – to Six Flags. We have been spending lots of time with family and friends.

This really is such an awesome city to spend the summer in. This weekend Bill and I have booked a semi-private sail around the lake while the boys spend some quality time with their aunt and uncle, and we can’t wait. Next week we are heading over to the Lisle Eyes to the Skies Festival, as we do every year (except for last year since Liam was such a tiny little thing), and we will also probably stop by Naperville’s Ribfest at some point. Sometime in July we hope to head toMichiganand the Dunes, and of course back to Six Flags andHurricaneHarbor.

One great thing about not traveling is that we are making a big effort to spend lots of time together as a family every weekend, since we don’t have that vacation quality-time to fall back on. It has really been great, and Bill and I really need to make sure we keep these family days up every summer, whether we travel or not.

All too soon, summer will be over and the cool breezes of autumn will be here. There will be lots more to look forward to: Kindergarten for Dylan, visiting pumpkin patches, and of course, Halloween (which Dylan is already talking about!). But more importantly, we will be making our winter plans to see my family, and I hope we can have a nice, long, quality visit with them in my beautiful, warm island. 




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