The longest week

It's been one of those weeks that took forever to end. It was one of those viruses which make you want to find the parent that sent the kid sick to school to get your own kid sick, and give him/her a piece of your mind. (Although, you will never know for sure how your  child got sick, but in the middle of your misery, you need to blame someone).

Thankfully, in four and half years,  I had never seen my little girl so sick. I say thankfully because I'm aware that a bad virus with constant fever for 4 days, body ache that would make her scream and congestion that didn't let her sleep or eat, does not compare with what my friend and fellow blogger Laura had to endure while her daughter, the same age as mine, went through treatment for leukemia.

A week like the last one makes you even more sympathetic to those parents whose children are not healthy. The feeling of helplessness when you can't make your child better, when doctors tell you to just "ride it out", when the medication, the warm baths, the ice packs,  the Vicks Vapor Rub doesn't seem to work, is awful.

By Saturday, Amelia was feeling a lot better and I went to run an errand downtown. As I drove past the new Lurie Children's Hospital on Chicago Avenue, I repeated the same prayer I always say in my head: " Thank God this hospital is here. Please God, don't make us need it." Ay Mama!

P.S. Congratulations to Lurie Children's Hospital on it's incredible new building and what seemed to be a seamless transition. Your patients deserve it and appreciate it.


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  • wow Ana, no puedo creer que el mismo virus que los mios tenian por aca en el sur de la FL esta tambien por Chicago. exactamente los mismos sintomas, una semana entera con fiebre, dolor de cuerpo y congestion (una tos bestial), no fue hasta que le recetaron antibioticos que mejoraron. que bueno que A ya esta bien. pero asi mismo es, hay que agradecer por la salud y que lo que pasamos no es nada con otras enfermedades. un abrazo.

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