Potty training part deux

This one is ESPECIALLY for BoyMoms. ESPECIALLY for BoyMoms of toddler testosterones. Just in case no one has told you: for all of your hard work toward getting your young one to "go potty" in a sanctioned receptacle... uh... you're going to have to do it again. Yes, you're going to have to potty train your son at least one more time (it will probably be more, but I don't want to overwhelm you).

Maybe you already know this. I'm writing for those who don't know because I wish someone would've told me.

The extra potting training is not about aim. *Not that AIM isn't an issue  but that's a mechanical or logistical or geometrical or some other kind of  "-ical" issue. This is not that advisory.  My warning has more to do with diffusion - y'know: S P R A Y. Actually it's more like              S         P         R          A          Y          !          !          !

From what I hear, it can't be helped. Some kind of centrifugal force kind of thing. And since they can't help it we have to go in for the 2nd-level potty training while they are Testosteronies. We have to teach them that after they use it they have to wipe not only the rim of the bowl, but also the floor around the toilet and the wall and whatever else wasn't fast enough to move out of the way.

S          P         R          A          Y          !          !          ! happens, as does accumulation - fine, no problem. This fact makes it that much more crucial that we teach the young dudes that their number 1 isn't done unless they've wiped up the surplus. And no, it doesn't matter if they can see it - it's there. I promise you it's there.  It. Is. There.

I mean, why do you think we can never have (fresh smelling) rugs around the toilet? Same reason. Borrow one of those infrared body fluid lamps... I bet you'll believe me then. Better yet, just ask the guys you know (the clean ones, not the nasty ones), they'll tell you, "Yes, I have to wipe around the toilet because S          P         R          A          Y          !          !          ! happens."

So let's just get them into the habit now: "Son, before you flush  -  swab the deck."

There can be no diffusion confusion. If we don't teach our beloved baby boys that it is THEIR responsibility to clean ALLLLLLLLLLL the way up after themselves guess who will have to do it?

So, for those of you who thought it was over - Nope! there is more potty training ahead.

Hope I didn't  S          P         R          A          Y          !          !          ! on your parade.

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  • OK, when we got married, the vows included a clause that any boy baby's potty training would be the responsibility of the DADDY! (not quite, but you get the drift). I read my husband your article and he said, "Honey, he is aiming and flushing...give me time to do the rest (and give me a break!)"

    Here's wishing for a spray-free future!

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